Fjåk Sjokolade – Single Origin 100% Uganda Drinking Chocolate

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100% Cocoa from Uganda.  Perfect to create the hot chocolate drink to your liking.  Mix with milk for a pure, non-sweet beverage, or add sugar for a sweet treat.

Certified Organic – Our cocoa beans comes from the Semuliki Forest. Semuliki National Park is located in the Bundibugyo Region of remote Western Uganda, and is home to some of Africa’s most diverse floral and faunal wildlife.
Semuliki Forest cacao is grown by 1,002 organic smallholder farmers in the region, 52% of whom are women. Latitude Trade Co. (LTC), the company that processes and exports this cacao, has organized 6 rural collection points for farmers to access, where they sell fresh cacao weekly into the network and receive cash at the point of sale. LTC’s centralized fermentation facility and warehouse is located in the village of Bumate, at the base of the hills leading into the mountains.
To make Drinking Chocolate:
mix 45g of drinking chocolate with 2dl warm milk.  Stir until mixed.
Add honey or sugar for a sweeter taste.
Use half the amount of milk for a thick chocolate treat
Ingredients: Cacao beans, unrefined cane sugar & cacao butter
Weight: 220g

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