Fellow Tally Pro Precision Coffee Scale – Studio Edition

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Check out the ultimate coffee scale that makes nailing the perfect pour-over a breeze. Forget the math, the mess, and juggling multiple tasks. We’ve got a better way with Tally.

We didn’t cut any corners when we created this bad boy. It’s got killer accuracy, a game-changing Brew Assist™ Mode to guide you through the pour-over process, and a crystal-clear OLED screen. Trust me, Tally’s got it all.

About this Brew Assist™ Mode— it’s a game-changer. Just pick your coffee-to-water ratio, and it’ll guide you to hit the exact brew weight you’re aiming for.

For you coffee pros out there, Timer Mode’s got you covered. It shows a timer and weight in grams side-by-side, so you can focus on getting that pour-over just right.

And hey, this scale isn’t a one-trick pony. Use Weight Mode to weigh other stuff too, like in grams, ounces, pounds, or milliliters.

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