Ethiopia Shakiso Natural – Green Coffee Beans

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The Guji Highland Coffee Plantation is a family business run by Wadessa Yachisa. Originally from Shakisso, Wadessa has been involved in coffee production for many years. They now have 150 hectares of land dedicated to coffee production. They also collaborate with local farmers who supply them with coffee cherries. They have several drying stations and have recently established a washing station in Dambi Uddo, allowing them to offer fully washed coffee.

Taste: Strawberry, grapefruit, hazelnut, and chocolate
Country: Ethiopia
Origin: Guji Highland Coffee Plantation
Bean Type: Heirloom
Process: natural

This is a high-quality coffee dried on “African beds” (drying beds). This type of coffee has become more common in Ethiopia following the liberalization of the coffee market. We are very excited, both about the concept and the coffee that these farmers deliver.

250g green coffee beans

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