DiFluid R2 Extract Coffee Refractometer

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Easy to use, yet powerful and accurate, the DiFluid R2 Extract refractometer offers incredible precision, a variety of data display options, and advanced temperature compensation for a stable measurement. It’s also IP67 water resistant, making it easy to use and maintain.

Precision of ±0.02% with our most advanced refractometer.
Capable of displaying a variety of data for expanded testing options with its color display.
Aluminum sample dish provides 675% improved temperature conductivity for stable measurements.
IP67 water resistance allows for easy testing and rinsing.
Advanced temperature compensation through the use of a special Microcalibration layer.

R2 Extract’s bigger, higher-resolution color display allows for a greater density of information, for more testing modes, and greater versatility.

  • Standard Test – press the button and water the results appear- simple
  • Mulit-Test – Set a number of tests, and let R2 do the rest.  The result is an average
  • Stable Test – Testing begins automatically when temperature change is detected.  Final results display when a stable temperature is reached.

The micro calibration layer compensates for external disturbances and physical deformations such as temperature changes or undissolved particles, greatly improving accuracy and stability.



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Add the DiFluid Microbalance scale with a 10% discount

DiFluid Microbalance Coffee Scale

The Difluid Microbalance coffee scale provides stable precision with a resolution of 0.1 gram, making sure that every last bean counts. The device has an auto-detect timing feature, so you can start pouring and it will automatically start timing, eliminating the need to remember to start the timer manually.  The coffee scale offers a stable flow rate display to help maintain an even extraction with every brew. The device also includes DiFluid Café Connect, which allows you to graph your data in real-time with the companion app. The device also has OTA updates, which allow you to install the latest and advanced algorithms via DiFluid Café.

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