Comandante X25 Trailmaster travel coffee grinder

2.699 NOK

The new Comandante X25 TRAILMASTER is a sturdy, robust, and lightweight coffee grinder that has been engineered for adventure. To ensure durability and reliability, the polygonal body has been carefully molded into a single, stable piece using cutting-edge techniques. The TRAILMASTER Dune model is equipped with a state-of-the-art Nitro Blade burr for reliable, world-class grind performance in this extraordinary new body.

To ensure the best material for an outdoor grinder body, our engineers conducted comprehensive research and field tests, ultimately selecting a special reinforced techno-polymer called QTP®. QTP® is a high-performance material made of a long-chain polymer matrix reinforced with quartz particles, giving it the feel of ceramic and the performance of a technical super composite. It was originally developed for use in high-wear environments like lightweight gearbox components, but is also safe for contact with food and water. QTP® is a trademark of Comandante.

Bean capacity: 25-28g

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