Comandante Skateboard Knob

995 NOK

This eye-catching knob is specially designed for your Comandante grinder, adding a burst of color and personality to your coffee setup, the result of a vibrant collaboration between Comandante and Skateboard Creations. Crafted from recycled skateboards, each knob is a unique piece of art, showcasing the vibrant and distinct patterns of skateboard decks. With its eco-friendly construction, this knob is not only a stylish accessory but also a sustainable choice.

The Comandante Skateboard Knob is thoughtfully designed to fit Comandante grinders, but it’ll also fit your 1zpresso grinder.

Upgrade your grinder with this one-of-a-kind knob and enjoy a touch of creativity every time you brew your favorite coffee. Experience the perfect fusion of craftsmanship and skate culture with the Comandante Skateboard Knob.

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