Comandante Red Clix RX35

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499 NOK

Comandante Red Clix is an upgrade for C40 Nitro Blade grinders – for people who want to nerd-out their grinders. With this axle, your grinder gets an expanded click range, which results in even greater precision.

The Red Clix gives your Comandante grinder twice as many grind settings as compared to the regular axle. This can be useful when grinding for espresso or very specific filter grind settings.

The set includes an axle, a spring, two washers, a red dial, and a silicone wristband.

Important: Only use the special red-colored grind grade dial with this special RX35 axle. The extra fine precision thread on both axle and dial are very delicate and will get damaged if used with any other parts. Please make sure you do not mix Red Clix part with standard parts. Otherwise the RX35 parts will get damaged and can not be used any more

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