CoffeeSock V60 Style Reusable Cloth Coffee Filter

248 NOK

CoffeeSock offers a superior and eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper filters with their reusable Hario v60 filters. Made from organic, sustainably harvested cotton, these filters provide better flavor and a more reliable brew at a lower cost than single-use paper filters. Each set of 2 filters lasts for at least a year, and are easy to use and maintain. Simply rinse the filter after use and let it dry before the next use. The filters are also zero-waste and compostable once they are no longer useful. CoffeeSock filters are available for a variety of coffee brewing methods and are made in the USA. Upgrade your coffee experience with CoffeeSock today.

ReUsable | ReNewable | Economical | Simple

  • Made to fit Hario® v60 drippers

  • Manufactured in the USA

  • Easy cleanup – Just empty grounds, rinse, and hang to thoroughly dry

  • High quality and less expensive than many market alternatives

  • Made from Organic Cotton – a responsibly produced, renewable resource

    V1-01 Dimensions (small): 4”x5.5” Made to fit the smallest Hario dripper.

    V2-01 Dimensions (traditional): 7.5”x5.25” Made to fit Hario v60.02 dripper, Ratio 8 dripper, Vanilla Bean dripper, Miir Pouragami, Kinto Pour Over, Snow Peak travel pour over,

    V3-01 Dimensions: 6.5”x9” Made to fit Hario v60.03, Chemex Pots 6-13 cups, Yield Pour Over Pots.

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