Cafetto Tevo Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets – Blister Pack of 8 Tablets

75 NOK

Cafetto’s Tevo Espresso Machine Cleaning Tablets are the perfect solution for removing coffee oils, grounds, and stains that can negatively impact the taste and aroma of your espresso. These convenient mini tablets provide a portion-controlled dose and can be used in place of traditional cleaning powders.
Tevo tablets are both phosphate and genetically modified organism (GMO)-free and feature a non-corrosive formulation that protects your machine from damage. The tablets are also rapidly biodegradable, meeting international standards for environmentally responsible cleaning products.
To use, simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions for your machine and rinse thoroughly with fresh water after cleaning. Each blister pack contains 8 tablets, making it easy to keep your espresso machine clean and functioning at its best.

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