Cafede Kona Balanced Ceramic Cone

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The Cafede Kona Balanced Ceramic Cone allows you to effortlessly transform your V-shaped brewer into a flat-bottomed one. This compact yet versatile tool gives you the advantage of exploring the best aspects of both brewing styles.

The Cafede Kona Cone helps ensure even brewing and better extraction. It accomplishes this by evening out the depth of your coffee grounds, such that the center area is not significantly deeper than the outer ring of grounds. This maintains more of your grounds in the “sweet zone,” which leads to the best flavor and extraction. It can also reduce the chance of duplicate extraction and create a more even brew.

The depth of the grounds is less, allowing the water to flow through the grounds more quickly. This can potentially lead to shorter brew times. Additionally, due to the improved extraction, the brew can be more forgiving with respect to your grind setting.

The ceramic cone placed in the middle of the grounds can help maintain a consistent temperature from the beginning to the end of your brew

Dimensions: 40x40mm
Material: Ceramic

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