Cafec Deep Dripper Pro by Aritaware

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Unlike the traditional 60-degree conical V60 brewer, Cafec has exclusively developed the Deep Dripper Pro with a 45-degree angle, achieving the most ideal “deep filter extraction” through its tall and deep design.

The inner wall of the brewer consists of a row of protruding dots, with a hexagonal opening to increase the air layer between the paper filter and the brewer, while the bottom only uses linear ridges to increase the speed of the bottom flow and avoid overextraction.

The 45-degree angle creates a faster flow rate and avoids the bitter taste caused by slow water flow.

CAFEC has compared the conical and trapezoidal brewers on the market and conducted a taste test at the Nipponham Research & Development Centre. The results reflect that coffee brewed with the Deep Dripper Pro is more prominent in aroma, flavor, smoothness, sweetness, and acidity compared to the traditional V60 and trapezoidal brewers.

  • Japanese traditional Arita ceramic
  • 45-degree angle cone for deep filtration and extraction
  • Inner wall of the filter bowl is covered with raised dots
  • Unique hexagons that create a complete range of flavors
  • Compatible with Cafec Deep 45 paper filters

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