Cafec Arita Ware Trapezoid Dripper

299,00 NOK

The Cafec Trapezoid Dripper is a highly respected and renowned coffee brewing device in Japan, known for its ability to produce a well-balanced and full-flavored cup of coffee. It has a smooth, round appearance and is made using traditional Japanese Arita Ware techniques. Its trapezoid shape, steep slope angle on the sides, and oval-shaped cross-section allow for a smooth flow of water, while its deep and clear ribs create an ideal water current and deep filtration during the brewing process.

The brewer is designed for use with ABACA Trapezoid Filter Paper 102 and is suitable for brewing 3-5 cups of coffee at a time. It was collaboratively designed and developed by Mr. Taguchi, a legend in the Japanese specialty coffee movement, and CAFEC.

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