Cafe Concetto Metal Aeropress XL Filter Disc Superfine

295 NOK

Introducing the Cafe Concetto Filter for Aeropress XL.

Better coffee, less fuss: With our Disc Superfine feature, brewing becomes a breeze. It makes your coffee taste sweeter and smoother, with no compromise on clarity. Plus, it works great whether you like the normal way or the inverted style.

More flavor, less waste: Our filter keeps the tasty coffee oils that can get lost in paper filters. This means a stronger, richer brew with fewer drips and a juicier taste that lingers.

Handy for anywhere: It’s small, easy to carry, and fits snugly in the cap. Perfect for your home, travels, or when you’re on the clock. Keep it simple, wherever you go.

Go eco-friendly:  By using our stainless steel filter, you’ll be cutting down on unnecessary waste and doing your bit for the planet. It’s a small step toward sustainability.

Built to last: Our filter is made of tough stainless steel and covered with a titanium coat for extra durability and a polished look. We’re proud of its quality and offer a lifetime guarantee.

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