Bialetti Moka Express

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Moka Express – the perfect espresso cooker. With Bialetti Moka Express, the pleasure of drinking a coffee becomes a daily ritual. Passion and an original touch are the hallmarks of Bialetti coffee machines. Bialetti has been producing espresso pots since the 1950s and have sold over 200 million worldwide. In Italy, Bialetti is synonymous with espresso and is found in about 90% of all Italian homes. The quality is ensured by thorough testing and scanning of the espresso brewers, with the safety valve being tested twice to ensure top quality.

To clean your Bialietti Moka pot after each use, you only need clean water. It will retain its wonderful aroma while never losing its unique taste. Moka Express only produces biodegradable waste. When your coffee is ready, you can put the used coffee grounds in the organic waste, but you can also use it to fertilize your plants. If you pour the grout into the sink, it cleans the pipes and removes unpleasant odors. Bialetti is an Italian brand that has been producing espresso cookers since the 1930s. The espresso cooker has been a style icon since 1950 and is today made in many varieties.


NB: This model does not run on induction.  If you have an induction stove, check out the Venus model or the induction plate.

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