April Glass Brewer

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The April Glass Brewer, from April Coffee Roasters, is a pour-over coffee brewer designed with a unique flat bottom structure. This design is aimed at regulating the flow rate, which contributes to a consistently sweet and balanced taste experience across all temperatures. Made from borosilicate glass, the April Glass Brewer is noted for its ability to handle high temperature fluctuations, making it an ideal tool for brewing coffee.

The April Brewer features three “Filter Holder” wedges at the bottom, which hold the paper filter in place, thus elevating it and enabling a flow rate not achievable with other flat-bed brewers. This design results in a perfectly balanced, transparent, and reliable taste experience. The brewer’s walls have circular lines that help form air pockets, allowing for better air circulation and contributing to a more consistent and clean tasting cup. It’s compatible with Kalita 155 filters and April’s own flat-bottom filters. The brewer has been developed after three years of prototype testing and was launched after achieving a high cup score at the World Brewers Cup​​​​​​.

Material: Glass (The base is made in plastic)
Style: Flatbed
Paper filter: The April Paper Filter (made by us) or Kalita 155 & 185

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