9Barista Induction Adaptor Plate

295 NOK

Meet our new buddy, the Induction Adaptor Plate. It’s designed for 9Barista fans who use induction cookers. This little guy is not a fan of gas cookers, though, so if you’re on team gas stove, you might want to check out our Heat Transfer Plate.  The Induction Adaptor Plate also works great for Bialetti brewers.

The Induction Adaptor Plate is a compact 110mm in diameter, so it won’t hog all your kitchen space. It’s made from diffusion bonded aluminium and stainless steel – sounds fancy, right? It just means it’s super good at conducting heat and pretty tough to boot.

So, if you’re using a 9Barista espresso machine with an induction cooker, this plate is your new best friend. It’s worth every penny for the perfect brew. Just so you know, though, it’s a bit of a specialist – it’s all about the induction life and won’t play nice with gas stoves. Happy brewing

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