March 2022 – Sognefjord Kaffebrenneri

Sognefjord Kaffibrenneri

Location: Sognefjord, Norway
: 2017
Roaster: Diedrich IR-12
Social: #sognefjordkaffibrenneri #sognefjordcoffee

A farmer who puts his soul into good ingredients deserves to have his coffee sold to someone who cares about the end product.

Sognefjord Kaffibrenneri takes in small batches of traceable coffee, brought here because it is grown by farmers who put as much pride in the end product as we do.

When the head roaster has returned from the day’s mountain hike, he is really looking forward to entering the door of the roastery. To be greeted by the blissful smell, freshly roasted coffee and develop the different taste profiles, together with his close-knit team, is some his favorite things.

Even though the ingredients come from far away, we know how to put our mark on the flavor. In a cup of coffee from us you will find a touch of both fjord and mountain air, of glacial water and sun-ripened cranberries, and a salmon that bounces up the river in the light from the sunset over Hurrungane.

Okay, maybe that was to take in a bit.

We know that it is only proper effort and craftsmanship that gives a really good cup of coffee.

Treat yourself!

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