Luis Anastasio Castro
da Matteo

Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar – 2022

Dec 3

Luis Anastasio Castro

Taste profile: Full bodied with notes of peach, honey & pear.
Origin: Costa Rica  
Producer: Luis Anastasio Castro
Variety: Catuai 
Process: Red Honey
Harvest Date: March 2021
Altitude: 1800 m.a.s.l.

Roasted by: da Matteo

Luis Anastasio Castro, better known as Tacho, was an early adapter to the micromill model. At this micromill, the Juanachute, the entire process is controlled. From planting the coffee trees to sealing the jute bags of greenbeans, all under the supervision of DonTacho. This lot is White Honey processed, which means that the beans are first washed, then dried on sunbeds in full sun for 14-21 days. The Castro family is involved in the coffee market in many different ways. One of Tacho’s sons is reponsible for the barista education program in the local high school, and competes in Barista Championships. Tacho’s other son works at a coffee exporting company and make relationships in markets.

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7 thoughts on “Luis Anastasio Castro
da Matteo

  1. Bunnerd says:

    The aroma reminds me of jackfruit. Third day for third kind of acidity. Thanks for the diverse selection Kaffebox!

  2. Mitch says:

    Ground beans gave off a mixture of fruit and cured meat. Cup scent is very floral – like boiled roses. Light and crisp flavor. Like this one a lot!

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