Kenya Bishop WHDX
Coffea Circulor

Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar – 2022

Dec 4

Coffee: Kenya Bishop WHDX
Taste Profile: Floral Bergamot, Fruity Blackberry and Rhubarb with lingering overripe Strawberry
Origin: Kenya
Producer: Coffea Circulor Kenya Estates
Variety: Isolated Ruiru 11
Process: Proprietary Multi-Stage Wet Dry 
Harvest date: 2022
Altitude: 1,500 masl
Roast: Conduction based with focus on floral components and refreshing acidity.

Roasted by: Coffea Circulor

Coffea Circulor is transforming the traditional farming and washed fermentation model in Kenya. Since 2005, prior to its inception, Coffea Circulor has actively worked in Kenya to introduce isolation of dedicated genetical trees and move away from the ‘blending of Kenyan coffees’. This ‘mixing’ is the consequence an aged production pipeline which does not take account traceability. Producing real, single-varieties is very expensive as Kenyan coffee production is based on single farmers with low yields per season. To ferment each lot a farmer brings to the buyer of the coffee cherries – per Kenyan standard so called processing stations – is not feasible due to low quantity of coffee cherries. The coffee cherries are therefore ‘mixed’ in a large pot, enabling larger quantities to be produced cheap and for the major markets. 

Coffea Circulor produces and exports its own Kenya coffees from their estate with dedicated fermentation formulas with focus on minimal to no water usage at all. This approach carries a high degree of socio-financial impact as . The notion of ‘blending’ coffee varieties with no particular knowledge of ratio due to the status quo-production model in Kenya carries consequences. Achieving this is a grand undertaking as it spans across multiple disciplines such as knowledge dissemination, introducing new fermentation formulas, etc. 

The “Bishop Ruiru 11 WHDX”-lot is a Kaffebox 2022 Advent Calendar exclusive.

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10 thoughts on “Kenya Bishop WHDX
Coffea Circulor

  1. Bunnerd says:

    Wow. What a beautiful modern coffee! The aroma and tastes are extremely close to each other. Made this into an extremely decadent cappucino after tasting the pour over.

  2. Mitch says:

    Ground beans had a toasty smoke quality. Cup smells like manufactured mixed berry scent – think scratch and sniff! Tastes like a cup of Earl Grey poured over a bowl of Trix cereal. I’m in love.

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