Los Crestones – Costa Rica

Los Crestones

Farm: Zamora family
: Tarrazu, Costa Rica
Roaster: Da Matteo
Cultivar: Catuai
Process: Double washed
Elevation: 1900 masl
Taste Profile: Juicy and complex with notes of cherry and peach
Roast Date: Dec 2

Los Crestones is one of several small farms belonging to the Zamora family. Here, nearly two thousand meters above sea level, the Zamora family processes their coffee at their own process station La Cruz.  When the skin and pulp of the cofee cherry are removed, the coffee beans are dried in the shade. With protection from the elements, it is possible to control the drying process which not only has a major impact on coffee taste and character, but also green coffee life.

daMatteoDa Matteo

We want more people to drink good coffee. We try to accomplish this through handicraft, openness and participation. In this way, we are building a good coffee culture.

We are a speciality coffee roastery locally based in a cultural environment, in he heart of Gothenburg. We have an open production area where everyone is invited to observe the process behind the coffee. We buy our coffee from producers who care not only about the quality of the coffee, but also about the farm itself and their employees. When the coffee is delivered to our roastery, we roast it in our environmentally friendly roaster, where we have the best opportunities to do it justice. All for a better coffee culture.

We are located on Magasinsgatan 17A in Gothenburg, Sweden. Please stop by to feel the coffee sacks, talk about coffee and see how the production works!