Sognefjord Kaffebrenneri

Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar – 2022

Dec 17


Taste Profile: Mild acidity, medium chocolate body and smooth sweetness.
Origin: Yunnan, China
Producer: Various small farmholders 
Variety: Catimor
Process: Fully washed
Harvest date: March
Altitude: 1400 – 1600 masl

Roasted by: Sognefjord Kaffebrenneri

In Chinese culture, the peacock (KongQue) is believed to bring good fortune to the families whose land it inhabits. The KongQue coffee showcases the potential of the relatively novel coffee region of Yunnan, offering a unique and delicious taste that is uniform and balanced, with a strong sweetness, body, and acidity.

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Sognefjord Kaffebrenneri

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