June 2015 – S&H / Torungen

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Fazenda Jardim das Oliveiras

Roaster : S&H
:  Araponga-MG, Matas de Minas, Brasil
Farm: Fazenda Jardim das Oliveiras
Producer: Simone A Dias Sampaio Silva
Cultivar: Catigua II, Catuai
Altitude (masl):  1300
Process: Natural
Taste Profile:  Aroma of vanilla and red berries. Tones of red apple, forest berries and milk chocolate in the cup with lingering Fig and caramel nuances.

Six years ago Silvia Simone brought her husband to her home, Arapongas, where the two bought a coffee farm which they called “Fazenda Jardim das Oliveiras”. Silvia was born into the world of coffee as the daughter of a farmer in the same area. On her father’s small farm she learned about coffee growing and processing, but as she entered adulthood she took many years off from the coffee business. When returning to the coffee business Silvia and her husband were determined to build a business built upon sustainability and processing methods founded on careful monitoring and quality control. Jardim das Olivieiras production is completely free of chemicals and pesticides. Silvia believes that the quality of water used in everything from cultivation to processing is critical in terms of the final result. Along with her husband, she has made a number of measures in connection with the purification and reuse of water from springs on the farm. The result of the work is evident in the cup; filled with pleasant sweetness hinting to chocolate, berries and fruit. A perfect example of successful natural processed coffee from Brazil

Ethiopia Kaffa Highlands

Roaster: Torungen Kaffe
: Kaffa Highlands, Ethiopia
Farm: Kaffa Forest Estate
Cultivar: Various heirloom coffees
Process: Washed and Sun Dried
Altitude (masl): 1,750 – 1,850
Certification: Organic & Rainforest Alliance
Taste Profile: Sweet honey & apricots, Lovely floral brightness, Chocolate finish.

A fantastic coffee that has been sourced from the Kaffa Forest Estate, where organic arabica coffee is grown. This family-owned estate is situated 470 km southwest of Addis Ababa in the highlands of the Kaffa region. The coffee is wild and natural and grows in an area of some 2,000 hectares at an altitude of between 1,750 and 1,850 metres above sea level. Approximately half of this land remains a natural forest with the coffee growing amongst the trees.

Kaffa Forest provides permanent employment for four hundred people and during the harvest this figure will rise to between two and three thousand, depending on the size of the crop. To enable better management of the land and harvest, the estate has been divided into six micro-farms. The hand-picked coffee is washed and sun dried. The trees flower in January to February and the washed coffees are harvested between August and December and between January and March for the sun dried. Shipments start in end of Oct onwards. All processing takes place within the forest farm though dry-milling and preparation for export takes place in Addis Ababa.

Espresso Roast

La Bolsa Espresso

Roaster : S&H
: Huehuetenango, Guatemala
Farm: La Bolsa
Producer: Maria Elena Vides de Ovalle
Cultivar: Bourbon
Altitude (masl):  1500
Harvest: January- march
Process: Washed
Taste Profile:  Distinct aroma of berries and marzipan. A creamy espresso with flavors of plum and blackberry with balanced freshness.

A sweet and creamy espresso from the award winning farm La Bolsa in Guatemala. The owner, Maria Elena Vides, is heavily involved in efforts to strengthen women’s position in the coffee industry.

La Bolsa is a meticulous and quality-conscious farm with several prestigious coffee awards to their name. The farm is run by Maria Elena, a woman with two large passions in life: Coffee Cultivation and women’s rights. Elena is heavily involved in the organization International Women’s Coffee Alliance, which works to empower women in a male-dominated industry. We pay an extra amount of money, which is earmarked for the organization’s work, for each batch of coffee we buy.

Las Bolsa was established in 1958 by Maria Elena’s father. He was a doctor and had no experience in coffee cultivation. RDR. Jorge Vides dedicated the rest of his life to coffee, and in 1984 he was awarded with the title of “Outstanding coffee grower” by Anacafe in Guatemala.


Genika Forest Coffee Plantation

Roaster: Torungen Kaffe
: SNNPR, Ethiopia
Farm: Bench Maji Guraferda
Cultivar: Various heirloom coffees
Process: Washed and Sun Dried
Altitude (masl): 1,400
Certification: Transparency Trade
Taste Profile: Fruity plum, floral orange blossom, light cocoa, Delicate acidity

Genika Forest Coffee Plantation is found in the western Ethiopa, Region Bench-Maji, Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ Region (SNNPR). This is the origin area for all Arabica coffee in the world and coffee grows wild in the forests. This project also drives side projects for infrastructure (roads, health and water). In addition there is also a school (The Majangir school). The coffee is processed with wet processing (washed) and sun-dried (dry / natural). Continued support could produce other solid growth projects and a few ones are already in process (Aroge Berhan village school).

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