January KaffeBox – Lippe

KaffeBox – January 2017 – Lippe

Huye Mountain

Origin: Rwamweru, Rwanda
Producer: David Rubanzangabo
Variety: Bourbon
Process: washed
Elevation: 1600-2300 MASL
Taste profile: flavor notes of papaya and Mango. Great sweetness with a long finish of chocolate and pear.

The coffee from Huye Mountain is the result of agronomist David Rubanzangabo has layed the foundation to increase the quality of the farms, washing stations and the surrounding area in Rwanda.David built this micro mill in southern Butare focusing on producing consistent high quality and complex washed coffee. David works with approximately 500 small farmers to produce coffee from HuyeMountain


Origin: Kerrecha, Guji. Ethiopia
Producer: Israel Degfa, Mokanesa wet mill
Variety: Heirloom (Wolisho, Certo)
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1800 MASL
Taste profile: Aroma of jammed berries and plums.  Taste of jasmin, plum, Stawberry jam & figs, chocolate finish

Mokanesa gets its name from vÄtmÞllen with the same name in Kerrecha, Gujia. The wet mill is owned by Israel Degfa, and hundreds of small-scale farmers deliver their coffee here. Every farmer has an average of just under an acre of coffee trees, or approximately 1500 trees. Each tree provides enough beans for between 100 and 200g green coffee beans.

Mokanesa is a slightly atypical coffee from Ethiopia. It is characterized by a large and fruit driven sweetness. The coffee has aromas of jammed berries and plums. Taste notes of jasmine, plum, strawberry jam and figs. Light chocolate finish, balancing the fruitiness perfect.


LIPPE is a small coffee roastery focusing on the raw product, roasting process and knowledge. LIPPE is developed by Pia and Alexander von der Lippe who both have backgrounds in chemistry and biology. By understanding the basic biological and chemical processes from coffee cherry to roasted coffee, LIPPE is able to offer an excellent product processed under optimal circumstances. The customer can be assured that coffee from LIPPE upholds the same high quality and taste profile over time