Gatomboya – Kenya

Kenya Gatomboya

Farm: Multiple smallholder farms
: Nyeri, Kenya
Roaster: Jacu
Cultivar: K7, SL28, SL34
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1800 masl
Taste Profile: Intense aroma of stone fruit, fantastically juicy and complex.
Roast Date: Nov 24

Gatomboya is one of the best performing washing stations in Nyeri, and it’s part of the Barichu Co-operative Society. Gatomboya collects cherries from about 600 smallholders with an average of 0,4 hectares of coffees. Fermentation is done with fresh river water from Gatomboya stream. Gatomboya is a kikuyu word meaning “swamp” due to the swampy area, which made it a good arrow roots cultivated area. The annual average rainfall in the area is 1400 mm. The temperatures are
mainly between 14 and 25 celcius. The soils around Mount Kenya is rich volcanic soils, mainly Nitisol. Nitisols occur in highlands and on volcanic steep slopes. They are developed from volcanic rocks and have better chemical and physical properties than other tropical soils.



Jacu Coffee Roastery is serious about the ethics of our trade. To ensure that coffee farmers and workers receive proper pay, we prefer to keep contact with and buy directly from farmers, or highly trusted distributors.  Jacu Coffee Roastery was established in 2011. Like the jacu bird, we pick and roast only the best beans. We look for great plantations, optimal processing, and the roasting profiles which will make the most out of each bean. Brenneriet vårt er lokalisert i en renovert trafostasjon som er bygd for å være et kaffebrenneri og et fine-art galleri. For oss er sammensmeltingen mellom moderne kunst og kaffe helt naturlig, og til nå har vi huset utstillinger av 3 av Norges mest anerkjente kunstnere- midt mellom kaffebrenner, vekter  og kaffemaskiner.