Gatomboya AA – Kenya
Pala Kaffebrenneri

Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar – 2018

Dec 7

Gatomboya AA

Producer: Barichu Co-operative Society
Origin: Kenya, Nyeri
Roaster: Pala Kaffebrenneri
Cultivar:  SL28 & SL34
Process: Fully washed
Altitude: 1800 masl
Taste Profile: Blackberry, raspberry, passion fruit, clean, fruity and juicy
Roast Date: 15.11.2018

The Gatomboya washing station is located in Nyeri, an area in Kenya known for producing some of the country’s best coffee. Coffee farmers from the immediate area deliver coffee to the washing station, where they are sorted and wet processed with very high standards of quality. The result is an exceptionally clean and silky coffee with taste of juicy blackberries and raspberries, as well as fresh passion fruit. This is the Christmas coffee for the coffee lover.

Pala Kaffebrenneri

Location: Trondheim, Norway
: 2018
Roaster: Diedrich IR-12
Social: @palacoffee

Idar Ellingsen has worked with speciality coffees since 2005. He worked as a full time barista and coffee shop manager until 2014 when he started roasting and consulting. He was the head roaster and QC-manager for J&S and Langøra, before he finally started his own roastery: Pala, in January 2018. He is also a certified Q-grader and two times Norwegian cupping champion, with a handful of top 3 placements in various coffee competitions, including the Norwegian coffee roasting championship this year where he placed 2nd.
Idars favourite coffees often come from Colombia or Kenya.

When Idar is not doing coffee stuff, he likes woodworking and hiking in the mountains.