Dec KaffeBox – The Barn

KaffeBox exclusively features Scandinavian based roasters. Once a year however, we like to feature a roaster based outside of Scandinavia and who roasts in the Scandinavian light roast style. We call this the KaffeBox Wild Card. We are excited to feature The Barn Coffee Roasters, from Berlin, Germany as this year’s KaffeBox Wild Card.

The Barn

THE BARN is a leading coffee roaster in Europe and represents the Specialty Coffee Movement at the highest level since 2010. Our beans are served by many coffee shops and home brewers across the globe.

Our vision has been very clear from the start: We focus on making our coffees better and better. No compromise, no fakery – just great coffee. We would never blend our coffees in order to showcase specific flavour profiles and to present each farm we work with. This makes our farmers proud and the product fully traceable.

Our philosophy is to source and roast some of the best coffees available. By paying premium prices we enable coffee farmers to create a sustainable business. All coffees are scoring 86 points and more; they are fresh in season and roasted to perfection.

We choose our beans for quality, cleanliness, sustainability and traceability. We only buy fresh, seasonal crop. It is one of our principles to treasure the value chain from crop to cup.

Our roast style is fully developed but light and clean. We bring out the full flavour potential of each coffee. Working with Single Origin Beans is a lot easier than using Blends – all beans are uniform and of highest grading.

We cup and taste our coffees systematically. Our baristas work with our coffees every day and they give us feedback on all roast batches. All levels of our company are integrated around our roasting – which makes our coffees very special.