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October 2021 – da Matteo


Da Matteo We want more people to drink good coffee. We try to accomplish the above through craftsmanship, transparency and participaton. This is how we try to contribute to an even better coffee culture. We are a specialty coffee roastery locally based in a cultural environment, in the heart of Gothenburg. We have an open production […]

July 2021 – Fuglen

Fuglen Coffee Roasters Location: Oslo, NorwayEstablished: 2018Roaster: 1956 Probat UG-15Social: @fuglencoffee_oslo Our small coffee roastery with focus on sourcing the highest quality, most unique & freshest coffee available for the season.We are buying as directly as possible from what we believe are the best coffee farmers around the world. We roast the beans lightly – Nordic […]

June 2021 – Austrått Kaffebrenneri

austrått Kaffebrenneri coffee subscription with KaffeBox

Austrått Kaffebrenneri, is a small coffee roastery in Sandnes with large capacity. We delivered specialty coffee to HORECA and to the private market for nearly 10 years. Austrått received a second place during the NM in coffee roasting 2020 and a third place during the NM in coffee roasting 2018 Åustratt’s roasting style is characterized […]

March 2021 – Morgon Coffee Roasters

Morgon Coffee Roasters Subscription

Morgon Coffee Roasters A small gang consisting of Markus Vestergaard, Gabriella Runesson and Christian Gullbrandsson. We’re not that special. We’re just working with specialty coffee. It all sounds very serious. Like we’re developing secret potions for a very specific crowd, using very specific tools, wearing lab coats and top hats. Luckily, that’s not the case. […]

February 2021 – Clever Coffee


Clever Coffee Direct Trade is not enough in itself – sustainability is also about relationships and transparency We really want to purchase our coffee as directly as possible and build good and long-term relationships with the producers. Additionaly, the coffee needs to be of utmost quality, transparently traded, and have purpose. Roughly speaking, we buy […]

January 2021 – Kafferaven Per Nordby

Per Nordby The brewing of a cup of coffee begins its journey at when the coffee berries mature on the “coffea arabica” bush ( or Robusta “coffea canephora”) stemming from the family “Rubiaceæ.” When we search for new partners we try to make sure the producers share our passion for coffee and are proud of their work. Our experience is that […]