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Mukunge AA, Kenya

Dec 4 2015 Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar Mukunge AA – Love Coffee Roasters Origin: Kenya, Kiambu region Producer: Mukunge Factory / Mukunge estate Cultivar: SL 28, SL 34, Ruiru 11 Altitude:1700 masl Harvest date: December/ january Process: Fully washed Taste profile: Full body, sweet, blackcurrant, raspberries, grapefruit, rhubarb. Roast date: 18 Nov Roaster: Love Coffee […]

Finca Elida, Panama

Dec 3 2015 Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar Finca Elida – KAFFA Origin: Finca Elida (farm name) Boquete, Panama Producer: Wilford Lamastus Cultivar: Catuai Altitude: 1670 – 1890 masl Harvest date: Jan – April 2015 Process: Natural Roast date: 16 Nov Roaster: Kaffa Taste Profile: Sweet and intense aroma. Clear fruit sweetness of strawberry and dried […]

Table Top, Ethiopia

Dec 2 2015 Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar Table Top – Langøra Coffee Roasters   Origin: Chelelektu, Ethiopia Producer: Heleanna Georgalis Cultivar: Chelelektu Heirloom Altitude: 1800-2000m Process: Natural (Sundried) Roast Date: 19 Nov Roaster: Langøra Coffee Roasters Taste Profile: Sweet and complex with a fruity aroma of clemetines and red berries. Ethiopian coffee is still made […]

Mutheka Muthuaini AA, Kenya

Dec 1 2015 Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar Mutheka Muthuaini AA – Jacu Coffee Roastery   Origin: Nyeri, Kenya Producers: 200 smallholders in the surrounding areas deliver cherries to the wet mill Wet mill: Muthuaini Factory Cooperative: Mutheka Farmers Cooperative Society Elevation: 1700-1800 masl Grade: AA refers to the bean size. AA in Kenya is screen […]