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Montero Family
Morgon Coffee Roasters

December 24th. 🎄 It’s Christmas Eve already, and we have a special coffee for you, a natural geisha roasted by Morgon Coffee Roasters. Coffee Name: Montero family Taste Profile: Apricot, Strawberry fields, Elderflower Origin: Costa RicaProducer: Carlos Montero Variety: GeishaProcess: NaturalHarvest date: March 2023Altitude: 1900  “This is an extremely rare and limited lot prepared by Carlos specifically for […]


It’s “Little Christmas Eve” in Norway, December 23rd. Many families have their own traditions this evening, such as decorating the Christmas tree, making a gingerbread house, watching the sketch “Dinner for one” or eating risengrynsgrøt; a hot rice pudding served with sugar, cinnamon and butter, often with a hidden almond in it. The winner of the […]

Los Pirineos
Tim Wendelboe

Welcome to December 22nd! ❤️ We have another coffee for you roasted by Tim Wendelboe. Go visit our Instagram to see the producer himself introduce the coffee. Los Pirineos Pacamara Flavour notes: Winey, red berries & dark chocolateProducer: Diego BaraonaHarvest: February 2023Origin: Tecapa-Chinameca, Usulutan, El SalvadorProcess: Semi-washed Cultivar: Pacamara “This is by far the best Pacamara coffee […]

Morgon Coffee Roasters

Hey there. ☕️ It’s December 21st, and we have a juicy one for you today, roasted by Morgon Coffee Roasters, voted one of last years favorite roasters by the KaffeBox community. Coffee Name: KiangoiTaste Profile: Juicy – Raspberry – Peach ice teaOrigin: KenyaProducer: Kiangoi cooperativeVariety: SL28, SL34, Batian, Ruiru11Process: WashedHarvest date: December 2022Altitude: 1800  “Nestled in […]

Bildimoo Buku Sayisa 
Supreme Roastworks

Today, Dec 20th, you’ll find Supreme Roastworks‘ Christmas coffee, Buku Sayisa, in your advent calendar. Coffee Name: Bildimoo Buku Sayisa Taste Profile: Juicy and clean. Candy like. Blueberry and jasmine. Complex and balanced Origin: Guji, Ethiopia Producer: Small holder coffee producersVariety: Mixed varietals Process: NaturalHarvest date: January 2023Altitude: 2350 masl  Let us know how you like it! Bildimoo Buku Sayisa Bildimoo […]

El Mirador
Supreme Roastworks 

It’s December 19th, and in today’s tube you’ll find a herbal and fruity Colombia from Supreme Roastworks. ☕️ Coffee Name: Miller Bustos/El MiradorTaste Profile: Herbal and fruity. Nectarine, red fruit and brown sugar. Sweet and mellow Origin: Huila, Colombia Producer: Miller BustosVariety: Pink Bourbon Process: HoneyHarvest date: May 2023Altitude: 1500 masl  Miller Bustos Miller Bustos, the proud owner of […]

Ouroboro NSX
Coffea Circulor

Coffee Name: Ouroboro NSXTaste Profile: Anise, Cotton candy, Red grapeOrigin: KenyaProducer: Coffea Circulor Kenya EstatesVariety: BatianProcess: Natural, Slow dried in cherryHarvest date: July 2023-06Altitude: 1,500 masl Aeropress recommendations This formula renders a sweet, bold and tactile result. Find more brew methods here. Buy your favorites from the calendar

El Romerillo

We hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! It’s December 17th and that means you get a geisha roasted by Jacu! Enjoy! Coffee Name: El RomerilloTaste Profile: herbs,  tea, yellow plumOrigin: San Ignacio, Cajamarca , PeruProducer: Miguel Agurto og Arcelia ClementeVariety: GeishaProcess: WashedHarvest date: Spring 2023Altitude: 1700 m.o.h. Roast Date: 16 Nov. 2023 El Romerillo is […]

Tim Wendelboe

17th of December brings a floral Kenya from Tim Wendelboe. 🌼☕️ Coffee Name: KaringaFlavour notes: Floral, blackcurrants & rose hipsProducer: Several smallholder farmersHarvest: December 2022Origin: Kiambu, KenyaProcess: WashedCultivar: SL28 & SL34 Roast Date: 16 Nov. 2023 “This coffee is grown at around 1900 masl in Kiambu where the climate is cool and makes the coffee […]

Manuel Vallecillo

It’s December 15th, and we have a bright and clean coffee for you from Swerl. Coffee Name: Manuel VallecilloTaste Profile: Very bright and clean with notes of yellow plum and kiwi. Winey with raspberry sweetness, and an umami complexity. Origin: El Ocotillo, Santa Barbara, HondurasProducer: Manuel Vallecillo at Finca Los PrimosVariety: PacasProcess: WashedHarvest date: 2022/2023Altitude: 1800 […]