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Kenya Ndocha

Origin: Kiambu, Central Ruiru, Kenya
Producer: Ndocha Estate
Cultivar: SL 328
Altitude: 1,575 MASL
Harvest Method: Selective Hand Picked
Harvest Season: November – January
Process: Washed
Taste Profile: vanilla Aroma, rhubarb and apricot flavor with rich jam like mouth feel

The farm has seven permanent workers and casual workers during picking season, varying from from 10 to 12 workers off peak and up to 80 during high season. Ndocha Estate has 4 different ‘blocks’ totalizing 29 hectares with a many as 15,000 coffee trees of traditional varieties

Jacu Suggested Brew Guide

We feel the Kenya Ndocka is an exciting cold brew coffee.  Give it a try!
Brewing Device: Aeropress
Brew Ratio: 10g/100ml or 1:10
Grind: Slightly finer than filter
Brew Temperature: 80°C
Brew time: 1 min
Use 22g coffee and 220g water.   Warm the water to 80°C.  This helps reduce the bitterness significantly.  Put the grounds in an inverted AeroPress brewer then pour the water, stir once, and flip the AeroPress the correct way onto a cup (ready to plunge).  Plunge after 1 minute.   Put the coffee in the fridge for a few hours in an air tight container (Mason jar / Norgesglass) until cold.

Costa Rica Las Lajas

Origin: Sabanilla de Alajuela, Costa Rica
Producer: Finca San Luis by Oscar Chacon
Cultivar: Caturra, Catuai
Process: Natural
Harvest: November / December 2015
Altitude: 1,450 MASL
Taste Profile: orange blossoms aroma, floral black tea and sweet cookie flavor, silky and crisp body

Dona Francisca and Don Oscar Chacon of Las Lajas micromill are third-generation coffee producers in their family. They inherited their farms from their grandparents, and are known for being among the first to process high-quality Honeys and Naturals in Central America

Jacu Coffee Roastery Suggested Brew Guide

Brewing Device: Chemex
Brew Ratio
: 6.6g/100ml or 1:15.5
Grind: Slightly more coarse than filter
Brew Temperature: 93°C
Brew time: 3 min 50 sec +/- 10 seconds
The costa Rica is nice brewed on a Chemex. We use 33g coffee for 500g water (6.6g/100ml or 1:15.5) Grind slightly more coarse than filter.  Bloom 30 seconds with 70g water, then pour slowly until you have 250g water.  Wait a few seconds, then pour in circles up to 500g water.

Jacu Coffee Roastery

Jacu Coffee Roastery is serious about the ethics of our trade. To ensure that coffee farmers and workers receive proper pay, we prefer to keep contact with and buy directly from farmers, or highly trusted distributors. Jacu Coffee Roastery was established in 2011. Like the jacu bird, we pick and roast only the best beans. We look for great plantations, optimal processing, and the roasting profiles which will make the most out of each bean. Brenneriet vårt er lokalisert i en renovert trafostasjon som er bygd for å være et kaffebrenneri og et fine-art galleri. For oss er sammensmeltingen mellom moderne kunst og kaffe helt naturlig, og til nå har vi huset utstillinger av 3 av Norges mest anerkjente kunstnere- midt mellom kaffebrenner, vekter og kaffemaskiner.