Manuel Valecillo – Honduras

Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar

Dec 21, 2017

Manuel Valecillo

Producer: Manuel Valecillo
Origin: El Cielito, Santa Barbara
Roaster: Nord
Cultivar:  Pacas
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1710-1860 masl
Taste Profile: A juicy and complex coffee with aroma of yellow fruits.  Taste of plum, stone fruits and floral honey.
Roast Date: 01.12.17

 Manuel currently alternates between a life in Houston, Texas, where he works for a bus company, and his life as a coffee farmer in El Cielito, Santa Barbara. He spends 10 months of the year in Texas and 2 months in Santa Barbara. Manuel was born in the village of Nueva Esperanza, nearby Santa Barbara, where he initially learned about and worked in coffee production. He moved to the US in order to pursue other work and in recent years decided to work and invest in coffee production once more.He has since planted Los Primos, motivated and influenced by friends working with specialty coffee. He began to notice and hear about the success of friends and neighboring specialty coffee farmers around the region. 2014 marks Los Primos’ first harvest and Manuel is already planning ahead, planting another three hectares of the pacas variety on his land.

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In our coffee roastery at Tveita in Oslo, Norway we roast green coffee from some of the world’s best producers. buying the raw coffee as direct as possible, means that the money you pay for our coffee to a greater extent goes to those who cultivate it.

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