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July 2015 – Langøra Kaffebrenneri

Filter Coffee Kenya Gakuyuni AA Origin: Kirinyaga, Kenya Producer: Thirikwa Farmers Cooperative Society / Gakuyuni Wet Mill Cultivar: SL28 & SL34 Altitude: 1600 Process: Washed Taste Profile: Clean, complex, blackcurrant, red fruits, classic Kenyan acidity. Gakuyuni wet mill is located in the town of Kianyaga, in Kirinyaga county, about 130km from Nairobi, on the slopes […]

February 2015 – Da Matteo


da Matteo – Winner of the 2014 Nordic Roaster Competition! Filter Marciel Santacruz Origin: Nariño, Columbia Producer: Marciel Satacruz Cultivar: Caturra Altitude: 2200 masl Harvest: August 2014 Process: Hand picked, manually pulped, washed, dried on patios for 15 days, moved several times per day. The cup: Fresh, fruity, creamy. This is a lot of coffee […]