October KaffeBox – La Cabra

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KaffeBox – October 2016 – La Cabra


Region: Kirinyaga, Kenya
Producer: Karimikui Washing Station
Variety: SL28 & SL34
Process: Fully Washed
Harvest: January 2016
Elevation: 1650 MASL
Taste Profile: Lemon, cane juice, black currant
The Karimikui factory was established in 1966 and rests on a 6 acre piece of land.  The rich red volcanic soil along with temperature year round ranging between 13-24c is ideal for growing coffee.  The long term goal for the Karimikui factory is to establish a transparent relationship with the smallholder farmer, helping to support a sustained industry growth in Kenya, whilst bringing premium quality to their customers and premium prices to the farmers.  We have paid 353% over market price for this coffee (6.58 $/LB FOB)


Region: Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
Producer: Konga Coop
Variety: heirloom
Process: washed
Harvest: january 2016
Elevation: 1900 MASL
Taste Profile: jasmin, black tea and lemon

Ethiopia is known as the birthplace of coffee.  The varieties are referred to collectively as Ethiopian Heirloom.  Most coffees are organic by default.  Yirgacheffe is known for clean, floral, and acidity-driven washed coffees.  The konga coop has a very well organized washing station in the heart of Yirgacheffe and it is considered as one of the most successful cooperatives in the area.  we have paid 217% over the market price for this coffee (4.05 $/lb FOB)

La Cabra

We believe specialty coffee is not about the grand gestures, but about small and beautiful things done well. Whether it is a heavy sweet natural Brazilian or a crisp acidic washed Yirgacheffe from Ethiopia, we will always aim for brightness.  We can do this because we are choosing to roast only the best coffees available to us, and this is a long journey, one we are honored to be taking part in.  We’re combining the knowledge of producers, agronomists, chemists, engineers, roasters and bariasts to innovate and understand the complexity of coffee.  The purpose is that, when you drink the right cup of coffee you can taste that it took an insatiable curiosity and the uttermost passion in the making.  Roasting should be done in the slightest and should serve only to reveal and brighten up the characteristics of the coffee varietal we are working with.

La Cabra Coffee is an award-winning micro roastery in Aarhus, Denmark. Home of five national champions.