May 2022 – SRW & Kafferaven

Supreme Roastworks

Supreme Roastworks is a café and roastery in the Norwegian capital, home of some of the best coffee roasters in the world. After operating as a roastery and working solely through wholesale accounts with restaurants, cafés, and offices around the city since 2008, opened its first retail space in hip Grünerløkka in early 2013, (Thorvald Meyers gate 18). This location host both coffee-shop and roastery.

1st of July 2021, Supreme Roastworks joined forces with car-manufacturer Porsche on the seaside at Aker Brygge. Opening a spacious Supreme coffee-shop, a Porsche showroom and fitting lounge. (Stranden 67 Aker Brygge). Best location facing the sea.

Supreme Roastworks is an excellent spot for a quick mid-morning espresso or a slow mid-afternoon pour-over and cinnamon bun. You’ll likely find a group of regulars sitting around the bar and catching up with the owners, and the staff will gladly engage in conversation about the coffee. “We love serving our amazing customers and working with people who truly enjoy and understand our concept and philosophy,” says Magnus. As they like to say: no fuss–just great coffee.

Per Nordby

The brewing of a cup of coffee begins its journey at when the coffee berries mature on the “coffea arabica” bush ( or Robusta “coffea canephora”) stemming from the family “Rubiaceæ.” When we search for new partners we try to make sure the producers share our passion for coffee and are proud of their work. Our experience is that passionate people do the work necessary for each cup of coffee to be a special experience. The taste and aroma of your freshly brewed coffee tells a story about the origin, and people behind the experience.

We are constantly seeking to expand our knowledge in brewing, roasting, agriculture and processing, and we meet wonderful people who are eager to share their knowledge. When Per Nordby started Kafferäven in 2013 there was a clear goal: to buy, roast and share the best coffee beans we could, and never cut down on quality. That goal has not changed and we have no plans to change it.

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