March 2019 – Kafferäven Per Nordby

Kafferostare Per Nordby is a speciality coffee roastery in Göteborg, Sweden. I love tasty coffee and want you to enjoy every single cup of it too.

A cup of coffee always starts with a cherry on a shrub. I look for producers that share my passion for coffee and take pride in their work. My experience is that passionate people will make the effort it takes to make a coffee special. The taste of the cup tells a story of its origin and the people behind it. I started working with coffee in the year 2000 and although the coffee I brewed then wasn’t always that great, I could sense a movement, a change for the better. I started to pursue that change.

Now, I constantly seek more knowledge on brewing, roasting, farming and processing, and I meet wonderful people who are eager to share their knowledge. When I started Kafferostare Per Nordby in 2013 I had a clear goal: To source, roast and share the best coffee I could, and never cut back on quality. That goal has not changed.

Kafferaven Per Nordby