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Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar – 2022

Dec 13

Las Delicias
Taste Profile: Papaya, Rhum raisin, Boozy
Origin: Nicaragua
Producer: Eleane Mierisch
Variety: Java
Process: Natural
Harvest date: February 2022
Altitude: 1400-1500 masl

Roasted by: Drop Coffee Roasters

The Java coffee from Las Delicias, owned by Eleane Mierisch, is known for its delicate and bright flavor. This year’s harvest is the sixth from the farm and is being showcased by Drop Coffee for the fifth time. The Java varietal is processed as a natural, which enhances the floral notes and adds a boozy infusion to the sweetness. The Mierisch family produces diverse coffees with many different varietals, using different processing methods for maximum flavor. Eleane, the head of processing, is a leading figure in Nicaragua’s coffee industry and is known for her thorough and accurate processing techniques. The mouthfeel and sweetness are reminiscent of Bolivian coffee, with notes of citrus and apricot from the Java varietal and hints of passion fruit and fudge from the natural processing method. The Java from Las Delicias is the parent plant to the Java grown at La Linda in Bolivia. Seedlings from Las Delicias were brought to La Linda to experiment with new varietals in Bolivia. In Nicaragua, the coffee is washed and separated by density at the farm before being transported to the processing station. There, the coffee is dried on raised beds with the fruit still attached.

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