Karindundu AA – Kenya

Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar

Dec 3, 2017

Karindundu AA

Producer: Karindundu smallholder farmers
: Nyeri, Kenya
Roaster: Jacobsen Svart
Cultivar:  SL 28, SL 34
Process: Washed
Taste Profile: Bright and juicy, notes of red currants and rhubarb
Roast Date: 16.11.17

The Karindundu Factory is a member of the Baragwi Co operative Society, this society is well known for its factories being some of those that consistently produce some of the great coffees of Kirinyaga.  The soil in this area is rich and volcanic, the factory processes 300 tonnes of cherry from the surrounding farms every year. The nearby spring, Kirigau, supplies freah water for fermentation of the pulped cherry.  Flowering happens from February to March and the harvest period is from October to December.

Jacobsen & Svart

Jacobsen & Svart started as one of the smallest nano coffee roasteries in Norway back in 2012. It was founded by (me) Tony Jacobsen. I would call myself a madcap barista who has always loved experimenting with coffees and trying new things. First setup was a 2 kilo coffee roaster connected to a hacked air conditioning system, where i manipulated the water percentage in the room. December 2013 I moved the roastery in the same building as the chocolate geeks, Cielo. Together we started experimenting with food pairing and chocolate pairings. Buying a Diedrich ir-12 coffee roaster pushed the roastery up to new levels and a bigger scale than an output of 20 kilo roasted coffees a day.
In 2015 i am starting Svart by Jacobsen & Svart a full scale microroastery with a public coffee lab where we can produce fine coffees for fine people. My goal is to provide sensory experiments that taste good and have unique details roasted into them.