June 2021 – Austrått Kaffebrenneri

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Austrått Kaffebrenneri, is a small coffee roastery in Sandnes with large capacity. We delivered specialty coffee to HORECA and to the private market for nearly 10 years.

Austrått received a second place during the NM in coffee roasting 2020 and a third place during the NM in coffee roasting 2018

Åustratt’s roasting style is characterized by relatively light roasting profiles to preserve the coffee bean’s origin and production method. Coffee from Africa and South America are regularly roasted on a Loring Falcon s15.

One thought on “June 2021 – Austrått Kaffebrenneri

  1. Yale Reinstein says:

    Very nice coffee… A big fan of the more traditional Guatemala. The Tanzania is very berry like. I am new to pour over and this produced a very easy brew each time with very little off gassing and a balanced cup at any dosage. Delicious and well roasted!

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