Isaias Fernandez – Honduras

Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar

Dec 23, 2017

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Isaias Fernandez

Producer: Isaias Fernandez
Origin: Santa Barbara, Honduras
Roaster: Kaffa
Cultivar:  Pacas
Taste Profile: Sweet and intense coffee with notes of orange and nuts
Roast Date: 04.12.17


Kaffa coffee roastery has its origins in the prestigious coffee shops Java on St. Hans Haugen and Mocca on Briskeby, owned and driven by world champion of barista art in 2000, Robert William Thoresen. After 15 years burn of business, Kaffa is now at home in a stunning location for production, training and education, at Ryen in Oslo.

We at KAFFA have a very clear philosophy and focus that coffee comes from a berry on a coffee tree from a coffee farmer in a geographical area. It is precisely these elements that make the coffee tastes like it does. We search out a coffee, often visited the farmer, shook his hand and always paid a good price for good coffee. We want to build lasting relationships with our suppliers, coffee growers. Fair trade, direct trade and traceability are words and expressions many like to use, for us they are a matter of course.