Gelgelu Edemi
Langøra Kaffebrenneri

specialty coffee advent calendar dec 2

Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar – 2021

Dec 2

Gelgelu Edemi

Producer: Gelgelu Edemi / Konga Coffee
Origin: Gedeb, Ethiopia
Roaster: Langøra Kaffebrenneri
Cultivar: Heirloom
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1700-2200 masl
Taste Profile: Sweet, fruity and elegant. Flavors of wild strawberry, clementines and black tea.
Roast Date: 12.11.2021

Certified Organic

Gelgelu Edemi is a farmer in Gedeb district of the Gedeo zone where Yirgacheffe coffee is grown. He is one of pioneering farmer among single producer farmers direct coffee export from Ethiopia. He has been exporting his coffee since 2013 from his family farm. Throughout the season he was consistent in quality. Until 2017 all of the single producer farmers, including Gelgelu, were exporting their coffees through Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (YCFCU). Since 2018 they started to export their own 100% traceable coffee from Ethiopian highlands. The main support to his success is obtained from his wife called Elfinesh Gelgelu. The meaning of her name translate to “the multitude” and so is she to her family.

The process:
First the cherries will be floated on the water tank after it has been collected to remove less dense cherries. Then the selected cherries are taken to raised bed where it dry for a period of 17-23 days depending on the whether. The average duration is about 20 days.

Langøra Kaffebrenneri

Langøra Coffee Roasters are based in a little red ‘ Stabbur ‘, a traditional storehouse at Hjelseng Farm in Stjørdal, Norway. We select and purchase traceable speciality coffees, in season, with characteristic flavour profiles that excite us.

The quality of coffee depends on factors such as region, terroir, variety and processing. Together they contribute to form each coffee’s unique flavour. Through the roasting process the team at Langøra wish to highlight these characteristics, so that the natural flavours and aromas of the coffee are preserved.

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