December KaffeBox – Solberg & Hansen

KaffeBox – December 2016 – Solberg & Hansen

Yeni Ramos

Origin: Huila, Colombia
Producer: Yeni Ramos, La Espreanza
Variety: Caturra og Castillo
Processed: washed
Elevation: 1900 MASL
Taste profile: flavor notes of fresh stone fruit, flowers and red berries.

Nordic Roaster brings together the foremost beans of the Nordic coffee culture in a prestigious competition of coffee roasting. This party was our contribution in the category of coffee from Colombia. La Esperanza is located in the heart of Colombia’s most recognized cultivating area. Here Yeni operates her small coffee farm with the attention to details that is needed to bring forth clean and characteristic flavors.  Cool climate and fertile soil create ideal growing conditions.  Yeni refines coffee berries she harvests with her own micro mill located on the farm. That way she can safeguard and assure the quality of the raw material all the way from flowering to dried green coffee. This contributes to the clean and balanced flavor profile. You will notice in the cup, which is filled with fruity flavor notes of fresh stone fruit, flowers and red berries.

Julekaffe, San Rafael

Origin: Tarrazu, Costa Rica
Producer: San Rafael RZ
Variety: Caturra & Catuai
Processed: Washed
Elevation: 1800 MASL
Taste profile: Flavors of dark berries, citrus and caramel

Beneficio Palmichal collects and refines coffee berries from a number of small farms in Tarrazu, which is Costa Rica’s most famous coffee region. It is not unusual that nine out of ten finalists are grown here when the Cup of Excellence competitions are held in the country. Beneficio Palmichal separates out the very best coffee parties under the trademark “San Rafael RZ” and it is this quality you taste in this year’s Christmas coffee. The coffee is grown in micro regions ranging from “Santa Cruz” to “La Cuesta de Frailes” and consists of bean types Catuai and Caturra. San Rafael is filled with flavors of dark berries, citrus and caramel – with the exquisite balance that is so typical of the area and these specific coffee species

Solberg & Hansen

We (Solberg & Hansen) are the largest and oldest specialty coffee roaster in Norway, yet keep their focus on the future.  It has made us a pioneer in the coffee industry, both in Norway and internationally. We started travelling the world early in search of the planet’s finest coffee districts. We see this as one of our most important tasks. Because of this, we can share knowledge and create long-term relationships with dedicated and skilled coffee farmers, farms and cooperatives.

This has contributed to a focus on sustainability and fair trade has been fundamental values in our part of the industry. Meanwhile, it is our main quality assurance. Through traveling and close cooperation can we follow the raw material all the way back to the coffee flower’s first shot. It is thanks to this traceability that we obtain green beans and tea leaves that holds exceptionally high quality