Daanisa Dambi Uddo
Sognefjord Kaffibrenneri

Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar – 2022

Dec 22

Daanisa Dambi Uddo

Taste Profile: Sweet and juicy berries. 
Origin: Guji, Ethiopia
Producer: Dambi Uddo Washing Station
Variety: JARC Varieties, Local Landraces
Process: Natural
Harvest date: January
Altitude: 2000 – 2100 masl

Roasted by: Sognefjord Kaffebrenneri

Daanisa is a sub-kebele located in the Guji region. It gets its name from a tree found in the area that has umbrella-shaped leaves and is known for its medicinal properties and versatility in construction. The tree is often used to provide shade for coffee trees in the region. Farmers carefully pick the ripest cherries from the trees and bring them to a washing station or local collection points. At the washing station, the coffee is sorted to ensure only the best cherries are processed. After a few days, the staff at the washing station will increase the thickness of the layers of cherries to slow the drying process and maintain a consistent humidity. The total drying time for the cherries can take up to three weeks in cloudy conditions or two weeks when the sun is shining brightly.

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