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Biftu Gudina

Origin: Biftu Gudina, Jimma, Ethiopia
Producer: Biftu Gudina, established 2012.
Cultivar: Heirloom, 1274. Native variety semi and wild grown.
Altitude: 1800 – 2100 masl
Harvest date: 2014/2015 lot.
Process: Washed
Taste Profile: coffee flower, honey, citrus, sweet and complex with some lingering mouthfeel. Hopefully sparkly.

It´s the third year betting on Biftu Gudina for us at Jacobsen & Svart. It´s a safe bet. Year by year it is growing in complexity and providing some nice beans that provide (if correctly brewed) beautiful cups. A beautiful bean which can handle kokekaffe, v60, chemex, kalitta, auto drip and such. Keep on nerding it up.


Origin: Gedeb, Gedeo, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia.
Producer: Gedeb Washing station
Cultivar: Heirloom. Native variety. Semi and wild grown.
Altitude: 1800 – 2000 masl
Harvest date: November – December 2015.
Process: Washed
Taste Profile: green apples, a presence of some pointed acidity that we have tried to balance. Jasmine, pear, peach and loads of complexity as the temperature drops.

First time buying Gedeb. It’s such a easy coffee to roast because of its mountains of potential. Roasting for the balance is a more complex task. Organic fertilizers and no use of chemicals. A elegant coffee from the motherland of coffea arabica, Ethiopia.

Espresso Coffee

El Divinio Nino

Origin: El Divinio Nino, Hulia, Colombia.
Producer: Reinel Montes, Hugo Rojas, Ananias Perez
Altitude: 1600-1750 masl
Harvest date: 2014 Lot
Process: Washed
Taste Profile: Sweet, balanced, floral.

Coopcentral is one of the finest coops in Colombia. Providing great selection of information to the farmers to improve the selection, picking and handling of the mighty beans. As a Colombian traditionally fades pretty fast, this one has for sure stood up to the test. A nice bean we felt best featured as an espresso.

San Francisco

Origin: San Francisco, Apaneca Ilamatepec, El Salvador
Producer: Jose Antonio Salaverria
Cultivar: Bourbon, pacas, catuai, Sarchimor, Caturra
Altitude: 120 0 masl
Harvest date: December 2014 – February 2015.
Process: Natural
Taste Profile: Norwegian wild strawberries, raspberry, rhubarb, fruit bomb. Sweet.

Jose Antonio Salaverria is a politician located in Santa Ana region. The farm has different lots seperated into different experiments. We always ensure to have somthing from Jose Antonio, the main reason is that all coffees come out clean, gentle and super fruity. We bought the first natural coffee back in 2013, it came out as our top 5 coffees. It was clean and gentle with piles of complexity.

Jacobsen & Svart.

Jacobsen & Svart started as one of the smallest nano coffee roasteries in Norway back in 2012. It was founded by (me) Tony Jacobsen. I would call myself a madcap barista who has always loved experimenting with coffees and trying new things. First set up was a 2 kilo coffee roasted connected to a hacked aircondition system, where i manipulated the water percentage in the room. December 2013 i moved the roastery in the same buiding as the chocolate geeks, Cielo. Together we started experimenting with food pairing and chocolate pairings. Buying a Diedrich ir-12 coffee roaster pushed the roastery up to new levels and a bigger scale than an output of 20 kilo roasted coffees a day.
In 2015 i am starting Svart by Jacobsen & Svart a full scale microroastery with a public coffee lab where we can produce fine coffees for fine people. My goal is to provide sensory experiments that taste good and have unique details roasted into them.

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