April KaffeBox – Love Coffee Roasters

About Love Coffee

We only do specialty coffee. Why? Because we believe in this trade model as the most sustainable form of coffee trade to ensure quality of life longterm for the Farmer, You and the Environment. High quality is the foundation that drives us and our partners forward.
We buy our coffees from people we know and trust. We share the same values regarding human- and environmental ethics. Sometimes we buy directly from the farmer, sometimes we need help from a friend. Every coffee has it’s own unique story and we believe in sharing these stories. We believe in transparency, and for that reason you can read about the specific origin, production, supply chain and roast of all our coffees.

We roast our coffees manually on a hand-built drum roaster.
Every coffee has it’s individual roast profile and on the cupping table we decide if we’ve done the coffee justice.
A set profile is re-checked every week through sensory evaluation to maintain the expected profile.
This sensory evaluation is key to everything we do.