Altos – Costa Rica

Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar

Dec 13, 2017


Producer: Mauricio Vindas
Origin: Tarrazu, Costa Rica
Roaster: La Cabra
Cultivar:  Caturra, Catuai
Process: Natural
Altitude: 1800 masl
Harvest: March 2017
Taste Profile: Blueberry, Cream and Chocolate

Roast Date: 21.11.17

We visited Altos del Abejonal in March 2014 and again in 2015 to meet with the owner of the farm, Mauricio Vindas. Mauricio single-handedly processes all of the farm’s beautiful coffee cherries. Some lots are first depulped using his Penagos eco pulper while others undergo natural processing and go straight to the raised drying beds (sometimes also referred to as African drying beds). The result of his efforts comes through as a truly unique balance of full-mouthed and ripe sweetness coupled with high notes of acidity in every single cup we have tasted. And it just keeps getting better year after year.

The majority of the world’s coffee supply originates in Latin America, and although Costa Rica accounts for just a small part in total we know that we can go looking here for increasingly impressive specialty coffees. Altos del Abejonal is located within the Tarrazu sub-province, around 70 kilometers south of the capital city of San Jose, in a pristine valley surrounded by mountains that are part of the Talamanca Sierra. The nearby town of San Marcos is located at 1350 meters above sea level and surrounded by peaks as high as 3000 meters.

La Cabra kaffeabonnementLa Cabra

We believe specialty coffee is not about the grand gestures, but about small and beautiful things done well. Whether it is a heavy sweet natural Brazilian or a crisp acidic washed Yirgacheffe from Ethiopia, we will always aim for brightness.  We can do this because we are choosing to roast only the best coffees available to us, and this is a long journey, one we are honored to be taking part in.  We’re combining the knowledge of producers, agronomists, chemists, engineers, roasters and bariasts to innovate and understand the complexity of coffee.  The purpose is that, when you drink the right cup of coffee you can taste that it took an insatiable curiosity and the uttermost passion in the making.  Roasting should be done in the slightest and should serve only to reveal and brighten up the characteristics of the coffee varietal we are working with.

La Cabra Coffee is an award-winning micro roastery in Aarhus, Denmark. Home of five national champions.