Vigdis Rosenkilde 80% Quellouno Craft Chocolate Bar

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80% Quellouno Dark Chocolate from Vigdis Rosenkilde, made with premium Chuncho cocoa from Quellouno and sugar. Enjoy the natural flavors of cherry, lemon zest, and coffee, which come from carefully processed cocoa.

These exquisite tasting notes are naturally present in the chocolate and have not been added artificially. The cocoa is processed optimally at every stage of production to ensure a rich, complex flavor profile.

The Tupayachi family, who migrated to the jungle in Cusco in search of treasure three generations ago, now resides in Quellouno. They operate an agro-ecological cocoa plantation that protects microorganisms, animals, and soil on the plantation. Vigdis herself lived and worked on the plantation for a week and participated in the cocoa harvest for this chocolate.

Bar size: 60g
Taste notes: cherry, lemon peel, coffee

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