Timemore Chestnut C2 Coffee Grinder with Foldable Handle

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Behold the return of the Chestnut C2, but with a twist! This time, it’s sporting a foldable handle for ease and portability. This savvy piece of engineering is a product of Timemore’s ongoing innovation. The handle, a tried-and-true feature from the Nano range, has now become a standard in the grinder lineup. Whether you’re at home or on the go, you can conveniently fold and stow, or unfold and grind. It’s as simple as lift and click, making it a satisfying wonder to use.

This grinder is the ideal solution for coffee lovers seeking a quality hand grinder without breaking the bank. Its textured exterior ensures an easy grip while grinding your beans to perfection.

Setting it up is a breeze thanks to the stepped adjustment system. Simply tighten the grind adjustment all the way down to find the zero point, and then count the clicks to your desired coarseness. Need a guide? It’s 6-12 clicks for a fine grind, 13-24 for medium, and 24-plus clicks for coarser coffee. This makes it a perfect choice for Aeropress, pour-over, and filter coffee aficionados.

Constructed with a metal base that screws easily into the grinder’s body, the Chestnut C2 boasts excellent value for money.

Key features include:

Bean capacity: 25g
Size: 14.7cm x 5cm
Weight: Approximately 440g
Grinding speed: Approx. 1g per second
Burrs: Stainless steel, 38mm
Conical burrs
Casing: Aluminium with durable PCTG plastic inside
Burr type: CNC steel, same as the Slim and Chestnut G1
Dual bearings to ensure consistent grind size
Point-to-point coarseness adjustment

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