Svenska Kakaobolaget Peru 72%

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A dark chocolate with elegant tones of rose, lychee and freshly ground black pepper.
We buy the beans from the producer Ucayali river cacao which has its fermentation station outside Pucallpa in the Peruvian part of the Amazon. URC is working with USAID and Alianza Peru to provide farmers with a way out of the cocaine industry. URC buys fresh cocoa and pays ten percent more than the corresponding weight of fermented cocoa. The cocoa farmers thus get paid more and also avoid the laborious fermentation work.
Silver medal in chocolate World Cup, International Chocolate Awards 2018
Silver medal in chocolate EC, International Chocolate Awards 2018
Region / Producer: Peru, Ucayali River Cacao
Bean type: Comun and local varieties of Trinitario
Harvest year: 2018
Ingredients: Cocoa beans, sugar
Bar weight: 50g
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