Standout Kerta Semaya Samaniya 70% Swedish Craft Chocolate Bar

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Unveiling the tale of endurance, patience, and innovation in Jembrana’s cacao cooperative, Kerta Semaya Samaniya (KSS). A cornerstone of KSS’s approach is championing gender equality. In the past, women’s roles were often relegated to ‘assistants,’ even though they shouldered most of the farming chores. The advent of women-centric agricultural and post-harvest training has not only bolstered their self-assurance but also enriched their capability to mentor other female cultivators across the farming communities. Moreover, the door to the cooperative is now open for women, enabling them to vend their cacao directly to KSS, ensuring a transparent view of the revenue streaming in.

Facts about the cacao:
Country: Indonesia
Region: Jembrana (West Bali)
Producer: KSS Cooperative
Biodiversity: Intercropped with jackfruit, mangosteen and snakefruit.
Altitude: 20-400 masl
Harvest: 2021
Fermentation: Centrally fermented in 2-tiered wooden boxes covered with banana leaves (6 days / 48h-48h-48h)

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