Sibarist Booster 45 For Flatbed Drippers

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The Booster is a unique addition to the coffee brewing process, particularly for those using a flatbed dripper. Its function is straightforward: it sits between the filter and the brewer, aiming to improve the extraction strength and the flow of the brewing process.

Its design focuses on increasing contact points beneath the coffee bed. This strategic placement ensures a more even distribution of water through the coffee, leading to faster drawdown times and the potential for higher extraction rates without the issue of channeling.

One of the key benefits of using The Booster is the ability to achieve high-quality brews without the typical bitterness or dryness, even when extracting at higher yields. This allows for a finer grind size, potentially leading to a sweeter and richer coffee experience.

The development of The Booster was a collaborative effort with Matt Winton, the 2021 World Brewers Cup Champion. Over a year of testing was dedicated to refining aspects like hole size, diameter, and material, all aimed at achieving the best balance between surface contact and space, thus enhancing the overall brewing experience.

Matt Winton voice:

“When I first started brewing with flatbed brewers, I was never able to get the results other people spoke about with fine grind, high extraction brews – they always turned out bitter – and I couldn’t understand why. I asked around with a lot of people and someone put me on to a blog post about putting a mesh sieve underneath the filter in a Stagg brewer by Johnathon Gagne. I decided to try this out and was amazed at the difference it made! I started to play with diameters, and hole sizes in the mesh and realised that the magic in this technique wasn’t in sitting the paper off the brewer, but in increasing the contact points of the paper to the mesh and increasing flow this way.

 Together with Sibarist we found a great mesh size that dramatically enhances flow, and eliminates clogging when brewing dense, light roast coffees! I now was able to brew recipes like other people had suggested, without getting the bitter results I had before, due to the even, faster flow, and no choking!

 I use this mesh now on all my flat bed brewers, Orea, Stagg, Kalita, April, to totally open up the flow, and give consistent results that don’t choke! I’ve used it with many different paper types to great effect with all, Kalita, Sibarist FAST, Sibarist B3, April etc. It works great to improve the brewers in all these cases.

Even if we do brew a really slow draining coffee with a no-bypass brew, we have increased flow and still don’t have bitter results in the end, just higher extractions, but no choking and uneven extractions!”

The Booster is not about replacing your current brewing equipment; it’s about enhancing what you already use to make a better cup of coffee.

Suitable for:
Flatbed drippers with 45mm diameter bed (most of the flat bed drippers, like Orea V3, Kalita 155 & 185, Fellow, April…) in combination with any flatbed filter.

Staines steel AISI 304 with food grade gold plating.

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